Tuesday, February 11, 2014

...and Now School Begins..

It finally feels like classes are beginning here. At first all of my work was very minimal and classes were smooth. Now I am getting overwhelmed like back at Purdue; it feels normal now. I have a few exams and papers coming up in the next few weeks so I have been working to prepare for those. I was also elected to be the new president of the Purdue Global Medical Brigades chapter so I have been working with that. No matter where I am, I always find a way to stay busy!

This past weekend I traveled to Barcelona Spain on Wednesday and returned Sunday. It was a great time, and it was great to get to some warmer weather. I saw a lot while there, but was still just a fraction of what there is to offer. This was the first time I have ever stayed in hostel. It was a great experience and I had the chance to meet some great people all across the world. I went to the Pablo Picasso Museum, I saw a lot Gaudi's works (including La Sagrada Familia) If you have never heard or seen this I suggest looking it up. It was absolutely amazing and indescribable!! I spent some time walking through some of the old Gothic part of Barcelona. I saw where Christopher Columbus made his "triumphant" return. Barcelona all in all was an amazing experience and I hope I will have the chance to travel back there another time! It was a struggle going there and not knowing a lot of Spanish. In my mind I thought everyone would know a little English, but I was wrong! It was a struggle, but also a great chance for me to improve on my Spanish.

I wish I had photos to share from my trip, but unfortunately my phone was taken while in Barcelona. I lost all of my pictures that I have taken thus far on this trip! So, I will have to take more pictures and post them next time!

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